You are not owned by a corporation, bank, or government. Why should your communities be?
You decide where you wish to go and who you wish to exchange and interrelate with – not someone else. Why should your online worlds be any different? That is why, we believe Gather Exchange is the true future of human social and community interaction. The place where you are the community.
We are your social home where we believe and trust in you to define yourself. No one defines you, so why should you let them define your communities?

You shouldn't. It's that simple.

We achieve this by reflecting your real life social interrelations temporally and geographically – real people – living, exchanging, and interacting in time and space. Rich location exchange profiles allow users to easily and intuitively define how they would like to interrelate with the communities that surround them. These preferences allow people to define, on their terms, how they interact and who they wish to communicate with in the ad-hoc social networks that surround all of us. With real-time presence and proximity awareness, Gather Exchange links you digitally to the worlds of social interaction of your own making. Gather Exchange is a world's first real-time social gathering place and exchange built on the EOS blockchain platform. Geofenced communities and marketplaces empowered by EOS. Our exchange backbone is based on the world's most scalable, durable, feature-rich, and secure blockchain platform available – providing Gather Exchange users the ability to extend their real-time social networks into live and robust community exchanges. This is the future and the future is now. Go out there and live it. Become a Gatherer today!

  • Fully decentralized Community Marketplace
  • Free and fully encrypted communication
  • No purchase necessary
  • Fully interoperable social media integration
  • Horizontally and infinitely scalable
  • Real-time presence and location awareness
  • Rich, intuitive, and secure community preferences
  • Asynchronous communication
  • Dispute resolution
  • Rich account permissions
  • Scheduling
  • Legally binding constitution

empowered by

No companies or banks.

Just you and the marketplace. DEX on EOS offers free trading. That means no transaction costs at all! You could be asked to stake some EOS-tokens in a dApp-contract to get more bandwidth from the Block producers, but these tokens aren’t gone. It’s just staking.

Anyone can list an item/product on the Gather Exchange.

The item information will be stored on the blockchain. The image and description will be stored on the IPFS. The person who lists the item becomes the seller. 2 of 3 multiparty escrow insures buyers and sellers are protected i.e. total buyer and seller protection.

Fairness is guaranteed by the community.

Sales are finalized by someone who is not a buyer or a seller. This person is the Arbiter. Once finalized, the currency is moved to an Escrow contract with the buyer, seller and arbiter as the participants. 2 of the 3 participants have to vote to release or refund for the currency to be sent to the buyer or seller.


Built for humans

Express yourself your way. Full featured IM/Chat. No filtering. No character constraints. The way conversation and human interactions are and should be. You are a person and not a product. No advertising. No Walls. No central authority.

An open exchange for you

Gather Exchange supports the exchange of media, assets, goods, services, and currency all in real-time. Decentralized. Secure. and owned by you and those around you.

Any device

With our rich ecosystem of apps and integrations, you are free to use the device and platform that suits you best. Meet and share with anyone. Anywhere.

With Gather Exchange Geofenced Communities & Markets, you own your own boundaries. Don’t let governments and corporations define your communities.


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